Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Bakfiets Accessories

When researching the bike before purchase, I occasionally went to the English language version of the Bakfiets website:

A few days ago I forgot the "/eng/" and ended up at the Dutch page (, where I was able to recognize the words "newest accessories" on a popup. Oooh, sounds interesting!

The first accessory that caught my eye was this, to make a small lockable box in the cargo area with the folding seat as the lid of the box. In the two weeks we've had the bakfiets, lack of secure storage has been one of the first things we noticed. We've had to decide between leaving blankets, thermos, etc unattended when making a quick stop at the store on the way to a picnic, or packing them in with us.

It doesn't look like it would be too hard to make, as long as someone had some basic woodworking tools and the talent to use them.

The second item that caught my eye wasn't on the same page, but was in the 2009 Studio Photos slideshow. I can't link directly to the photo in the Flash slideshow, so I put together this composite:

A convertible rain cover! How cool is that? I had been sketching out ideas to make my own, but this looks a lot better than anything I could have put together. A cover seems essential here in the rainy Northwest, but my understanding of the Clarjis cover is that you're pretty much committed to it once it's on, at least for that ride. This convertible option would be great on those beautiful spring and fall days when the sun's shining, but a shower could break out at any time.

So where's the sign up list? I need both of these.


Travis said...

I like the under seat trunk. My father, someone with just the type of woodworking skills of which you speak, said that my bike should use that space underneath and he also said a trunk. The only drawback is that that space could not be fully retrieved when the seat is up (unless the storage box front was also removable in some fashion--hmmmm, that will lead to some ideas).

Great blog. I have favorited it. Do you have plans to add a subscribe by email feature?

Nathan said...

It looks to me like the front of the storage box might be removable by sliding between the rails that are visible on the sides of the cargobox. If it were latched/locked, it doesn't seem like you'd be able to remove it because of the angles involved with the arc of the lid/seat and of the front piece.

At least that's how I'd build it.

Nathan said...

If I can figure out how to add a subscribe by email feature, I'll do it.