Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Basic Pleasure Model

Courtesy of cleverchimp, here's a photo of the inside of the Shimano Nexus 8 hub on the bakfiets. Not my particular bakfiets, mind you. I've always wondered what was going on in there.

p.s. anyone who gets the title reference and how it relates to this post is a super-geek.


DrMekon said...

I wonder if J.F. could stop my 3rd and 4th gear clicking?

Nathan said...

"Gosh, you've really got some nice toys here." :)

Anonymous said...

A basic pleasure model -- was the Nexus...
er, It's a Blade Runner reference, right?
Someone says that to Deckard at the briefing in the beginning of the flick?
--mcget/trophy bikes philly