Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where You Been?

A month without posts?!  


Between work and weather, there hasn't been much Bakfiets-ing around here recently. I could post daily updates on how great the bike looks sitting in the garage, but that would hardly be worth anyone's time, would it?  We did have one notable experience, though...
We took a ride to the bowling alley one Sunday morning to meet with some friends.  The weather was clear when we left, and Sara was thrilled that we were using the bikes to do something — to go somewhere — and not just to ride around.

Halfway through our game, we realized that the rumble of the balls and pins wasn't the only thunder we were hearing, and it was now pouring outside. We played an extra game hoping that the storm would pass.  It did, but my Brooks saddle was now soaked!  I hear that's not good for it, and I could feel the wet saddle stretching beneath me as I rode home. I tried to stay off the saddle, but the Bakfiets does not lend itself to standing pedaling.

When we got home I pulled the seatpost and saddle and brought them inside, formed the saddle back into something resembling its original shape, and left it to dry for a week or two. It seems OK now.

The weather is supposed to be good this holiday weekend, so I'm hoping we'll get out for some more adventures.  Drier adventures, hopefully.

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Clever said...

That's the correct remedy for a soaked and stretched saddle. be sure to goop it up with a non-softening leather conditioner/proofing agent like Proofide, Sno-seal, Obenauf's, etc. periodically. If you apply liberally to top and bottom, let sit overnight and then wipe off excess, it will tolerate wettings better. Best to keep a simple bag to cover it in the rain.

You may also need to re-tension the bolt at the nose (NOT TOO MUCH) to eliminate sag.