Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Introduction: Everett

This is Everett, my son and co-pilot in cargobike travels. He's just over thirteen months old, and is the main reason we got the bike. I wanted to be able to share rides with him, to talk (even though he isn't yet), to point things out to him, and allow him to do the same. I like to think the bike was his first birthday present, because it was on his birthday while we were setting up for the party that Clever Cycles called to say they were ready to take a deposit.

We go cruising on the weekends, sometimes to a distant park for a picnic, looking for garage sales, or down to the Farmer's Market. It's nice to know that if we find something good at a garage sale or the market, we'll be able to bring it home with us. On weekday evenings we'll just ride around for the heck of it. 

When we ride, he has made it his duty to point out every cat, dog, bird, or squirrel that might cross our path.  Look, there's one now! He also points out the airplanes in the sky, but I'm pretty sure there's no risk of collision there.

After only about a month, he's already a big fan of the bike (aren't we all?), and on a recent trip to Seattle he spotted a Bakfiets on the road and excitedly pointed it out to us.

We're hoping that by next spring Mom is comfortable enough on the bike to use it for transportation to all of their activities — like play dates and story time at the library — while I've got the car at work. Then a few years later, the Bakfiets will carry Everett to school. For now, though, it's just me and him pedaling for fun while Mom rides alongside on her sweet sea-foam green cruiser.

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